Hello everyone! I am 23 years old, British, and I lead the cool gang here at Kinky Dada.  I know that keeping every customer truly satisfied is the key to making KinkyDada the number one adult toys store. So believe me when I say, we are FIZZING as a team. We are totally passionate about helping you and everyone improving their sexual health, education and having loads and loads of fun yaar! So meet the team below…. 

Love Doctor

Hey you! I am a badass From the USA , I am the "Genius Love Doctor" here at Kinky Dada. I make sure that I test out our products, and hand pick the best ones so you get the craziest orgasms of your life- whether you’re on your own, in pairs or more… ;)  Check out my reviews and blogs where I will tell you the good, the bad, and by showing you what toys are best for you. Its all about you, and getting you the best sex life possible in a positive and healthy way. Our products are total quality and shipped from the UK.. so relax, I’ve got your back. 

Van Man

It’s my job to get our great products to you fast, and make sure nobody sees or hears about your parcels- or what’s inside them. I feel like I am an undercover agent …  like 007…  EVERY PACKAGE is in plain packaging. Not even the local driver knows whats in the package. So relax- I am focused on speed and confidentiality. 

Finance Guy

I am looking at our prices daily and making sure they are the best in the market. I make sure that your billing is discreet and there's no embarrassments on your bank statement, so relax! I never see any of your card details or personal information, these are all handled by VISA and Mastercard.